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Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (Foton Lovol) is a leading manufacturer of construction machinery, agricultural equipment and vehicles. Its revenue in 2011 reached RMB 16.04 billion, an increase of 12.7% compared to the year 2010. In 2012, Foton Lovol brand value climbed to RMB 17.736 billion, ranking the 64th among China's top 500 most valuable brands by virtue of its outstanding performance in "Essential growth, structural adjustment and globalization". The Company has been identified as the "national key high-tech enterprise" its engineering and technology research institute as the "nation-certified enterprise technology center", and moreover, its leading products have been awarded as "Chinese famous brands", "well-known trademarks in China" and "most competitive brands on the market" Sales volume of combine harvesters has ranked 1st in industry since 11 years, boasting a market share of 70% in China. Tractors have also been leading the industry since 7 years in terms of market share. Three-wheel motorcycles have ranked 1st in industry since 7 years in sales and market share. Fast and healthy development of its construction machinery manifest itself in wheel loaders, excavators and rotary drilling rigs. In recent years, guided by the management guideline of "Essential growth, structural adjustment and globalization", Foton Lovol has been actively involved in promoting a balanced and rapid progress of the three major business. In order to improve R&D capabilities, R&D centers have been established in Weifang, Tianjin, Italy and Japan. According to its global strategy, Foton Lovol has introduced product, technology, personnel and other resources worldwide, utilizing the team, system, culture and management forces to create value and keep up with the global avant-garde technology. Based on its leading position in several China market segments, Foton Lovol has entered overseas market. At present, the company has formed a global sales & service network made up of more than 300 sales and service providers covering over 120 countries and regions. The exported products cover agricultural equipment, construction machinery and vehicles. In 2012, Foton Lovol will continue to adhere to its guideline and its focus on 'strategy and transition & quality and talents". Looking into the future, Foton Lovol will transform from a local company into a global player by maintaining its leadership in China market, manufacturing in Brazil, Russia and India and achieving breakthrough in Europe and North America. It is also dedicated to become a world-class leading machinery equipment manufacturer through a decade-long endeavor.
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